Crisis By Design

"Thank you for the enlightenment. Your laser of truth will penetrate all the lies and expose the truth which we suffer in short supply. You have helped others expand their value as citizens of this great nation."

Dr. Conrad Maulfair

"You are providing an essential understanding here. We, as "citizens," need to understand the increased danger of the age old game now being played out on a world wide level - the exploitation by the "few" of the labor and property of the many. Thank you for a clear view!"

Glen Wahlquist

Finally, a book that reveals the Root Causes of the Worldwide Economic Crash, why it happened, where it is headed and what you can do about it.



"I don't like the idea that our country is so manipulated by the Federal Reserve and their cohorts in the international banking community that our Republic is dying at their whim. Thanks for enlightening us. I hope it will be a wake-up call for our citizens and urge us to take back our country."

Lloyd McPhee

"I said Wow!!!!!! I understand much false data that our society puts out creates so much confusion that a person can't act on the situation ...wondering, and figure-figure, and because they did not have the truth. I now have the truth, and can act and do something about the financial crisis."

Mary Collins

"Speaking simply and powerfully John Truman Wolfe portrays the actual sequence of events which inexorably led to the financial crisis. John successfully brings to life a tale of greed, lust and ambition, complete with Simon Legree like protagonists dueling across the world stage. Like a great mystery novel, I could not stop reading until the bitter end!"

Pete Sokoloff
Investment Banker

"Thank you, John, for communicating truth in the midst of the chaos. It is difficult facing the condition our country is in and the destructive actions taking place within it. Your writings have truly helped to take the confusion out of the difficulty and lessened it with specific facts. You’ve not only filled in many of the missing pieces, but given who, what, where and when. Invaluable! "

Sally Prothers
Management Consultant

"One can’t act intelligently without information on which one can depend. The recent financial crises demands action. Wolfe cuts right through all the noise, naming names, places, events—all highly relevant. A riveting and must-read if one is to regain control in an out-of-control state of affairs."

Tanii Carr
Benchmark Software, Inc.

"Your observations are so refreshing (to the point of chilling) in correctly targeting the key elements and developments! What a bracing antidote to the murky misdirections of the news media"

Tom Hall
TH Travel

"I was missing the real scene of what the Bank for International Settlements does, and what REALLY happened. You name names. You give a simple chronology of the events leading to our financial woes. You fill in the details that I’ve never seen. You pulled the cover off an amazing tangle of lies and deceits. I applaud you loudly for your well-thought-out and well-written works."

Dave Kluge

"John, This is the most PLAUSIBLE explanation I have seen and the most OUTRAGEOUS! You show how & to whom America has been sold out."

Healy Burnham, D.O.
Emergency Physician

"The more truth that gets out the better. When we get enough people recognizing the truth and willing to stand up and confront these &#*%*, at that time the reality and agreements will start to shift from what has been to what could be. That is something we have all fought for in the past and what we all need to continue to fight for in the present."

Greg Andrews

"Eye opening! Factually shows what really caused the financial crisis. It didn't "just happen".

Larry Silver

"A comprehensive, detailed explanation of what led to the manufuctured "financial crisis." Wolfe names the players and their motives and, like the tumblers of a lock clicking into place, the pieces of the story fell together. I only wish it was fiction"

Martha Conway
Online-Offline Public Relations

"Your book provides invaluable information that provides an understanding of what keeps this world on the financial merry go round."

Pat Luefan

"In time, the majority of upstanding good people will hear this message, and things will get very worrisome, to put it mildly, for those causing this calamity. These financial terrorists are bent on getting rid of the American middle class. Woe to those who attack American Patriots, and Freedom Lovers everywhere! Just wait until these good people learn your names........................"

Rebecca Quick
Castlereigh Kennels

"The puppets can do something to improve their lot when they know who is pulling the strings."

Sioux Hart

"Inciting rage and solace simultaneously. For the omnipresent ghost that is the financial crisis, is an elaborate orchestration by certain persons. There is much relief in seeing the mask pulled off, revealing the fool behind. Wolfe sure knows his stuff! Being a subject whose defense is confusion itself, it requires a most adroit mind to penetrate and clarify, as Wolfe has thankfully done!"


"When the really loud noise started in 2007 about the current financial insanity, I found myself glued to the various news stations desperately trying to make sense of the mess, particularly since my business is related to housing. The more I saw, the more confused I got. When I was fortunate enough to come across John Truman Wolfe's brilliant expose it suddenly all made sense. Having realized that this debacle has a source behind it and a purpose as well, I now actually feel something can be done about it and I no longer get tossed in the wind by every opinion that comes my way. John just lays out the bare facts."

Bruce Larsen
Larsen Landscape

"What you have written and so kindly tendered, cleared away the fog and confusion in a clear concise and riveting way. Many thanks!"


"I received your writings as a breath of fresh air in an environment so heavily polluted with misinformation and propaganda. Our personal freedoms are being stripped away from us right under our nose but the inability to understand truly who is behind this and why they are doing it makes it very difficult to take the appropriate action to counter this. Thanks for staying vigilant and exposing the truth."

Enrique Espinosa

"It’s funny to hear “experts” on TV telling the “inside story” of what’s caused the financial crisis and what they have to say is just a repackaged version of what the media and President have told us. It appears you have really done your homework and uncovered who is really pulling the strings."

Jennifer Gottardi

"If ever you thought the international finance scene came about because of coincidences and simply poor management, these connections show you that it could not be so and bring to view the larger picture."

Martin Weightman

“Scary and frankly shocking… but this is the first time that I got a full understanding of what is going on in the “underworld” of finances. Want to really know the cause of the economic crisis? Read this e-book right now!"

Patrick Valtin

"Knowing what has really happened and who did it and why actually empowered more than angered me. Understanding the truth made it easier to move forward!"

Rick Manning
RM Management Consulting

"After reading your work, I feel calmer, for now I know who the rats are and just how insanely criminal their well orchestrated plan is. We need to know the truth and cannot afford to continue being deceived. I Thank you deeply for your efforts in exposing the true happenings and those responsible. We all must ACT upon this now so we can avoid being further destroyed. As Americans, we cannot give up what we have stood for all of these years, a voice & symbol for Freedom."


"Your research regarding the crisis is mind blowing and eye opening. It should be taught in business schools all over the globe. If not, the next one is just a matter of time, and it will be much worse."

Yuval Ivankovski - M.Sc.
CEO - Business Diagnosis Institute

"The most accurate, understandable, honest to the core, truth til it hurts explanation of what is really happening in our financial universe that anyone will find anywhere."

Donna Andrus

"Hard hitting data that opens the door to what is really going on. A must read for anyone who wants to know who and why. Infuriated me and now I know who needs to be dealt with. Severely".

Fred King

"I read the PatriotPost three times a week, and there is usually some good financial info in there from Mark Alexander. I also read the Bellinger report and others. But unlike them, you have nailed down what's actually happening to global finance and explained it in an easy-to-grasp manner; no small feat. Thanks for sharing your knowledge in a sane and understandable way."

Jere Matlock

"This information on the current financial situation and how others have manipulated the system for their own agenda is a story that the media should be providing but for whatever reason has not. Thank you John for taking the time to research and make this known and understandable."

Larry Trainor
Trainor Printing

"Having read and listened to all the media spin on the current economic situation, I was as confused as those who created the situation in the first place. Thank you for all the work you put into your articles. I read them and experienced a huge wave of relief. For the first time I could make sense of the whole scene. For the first time I didn't have the feeling I was being manipulated or lied to."

Pete Crundall

"Thank you for naming names (Goldman Sachs, Bank of International Settlements) and for seeing and telling it as it is. There is no shortage of information on our current financial crisis that almost gets it right -- for me, you've got it right."

Law Offices Ronald A. Flate

"In a world filled with lies and propaganda your writing keeps me connected to the truth that I can sense struggling for breath underneath all the noise."

Thomas A. Alston
Aero & Marine Tax Professionals

With the publication of John Truman Wolfe's original article “The Financial Crisis: A Look Behind the Wizard's Curtain”, the public demand for a more comprehensive exposé on who’s “pulling the strings,” “where the bodies are buried,” and “what can be done about it” was overwhelming.

In the author's own words:

“It was a statement by the president of the New York Federal Reserve Bank in March 2008 calling for a GMA—a Global Monetary Authority—that set off the alarm bells anew.

“A GMA is essentially a global financial dictator.

“And as you likely know, The president of the New York Fed at that time was none other than Timothy “Pretty Boy” Geithner, the current U.S. Treasury Secretary. So, I started a new round of research and writing. Over the next year and a half, I wrote several articles, now chapters in the book, exposing not only what had happened but, of greater concern, why.

“I have written two new chapters for the book, one of which provides real-world suggestions on what people can do to protect themselves financially, as well as actions that can be taken to get Congress to wake up before America loses her financial sovereignty.

“You see, this financial crisis was and is a crisis by design. One of the things that I found in my recent research is that there is an organization behind the IMF and World Bank that is calling the shots, which turns out to be the key puppeteer.

“As chilling as this may sound, a global financial coup has occurred right under our noses.

“And that is the story of this book and what you can do about it.

“I hope you enjoy the read. More importantly, I hope the book helps raise your awareness and empowers you to act.”

- John Truman Wolfe

As chilling as this may sound, a global financial coup
has occurred right under our noses.

As the former Chairman of the Department of History at John F. Kennedy University and as a senior credit officer for two California banks: one in the San Francisco Bay Area, the other in Beverly Hills, John Truman Wolfe has been no stranger to the world of international finance. He is also the co-founder of a Los Angeles based business management company, where, as a registered investment advisor, he oversaw the financial and investment matters of some of the biggest names in Hollywood.

In his own words:

“It’s a coup d’état.

“No, I’m not talking about Honduras. I’m talking about Wall Street, London, and Basel, Switzerland, and the fact that we are in the midst of a global financial coup instigated by a Clockwork Orange gang of international bankers.

“The economic bloodletting has abated for now—at least the media’s promotion of it has. In its place the media fawns on the very people who caused this crisis as they move forward to secure total, global economic control. The carefully orchestrated spin is now designed to create acceptance of their 'restructuring' of the international financial system in order to ensure this can never happen again.

“Yes, I know, it sounds like an outtake from Conspiracy Theory, but I’m not Mel Gibson and you’re not Julia Roberts. And this is not a screenplay.

“Whether or not you accept the idea that the financial crisis was created for the purpose of replacing the United States and the U.S. dollar as the stable point in international finance with a global financial dictator and a new world currency, this scenario—set forth in my book—is now in full swing.”

- John Truman Wolfe



This explosive book reveals the gaps between the statements
of public figures and their true motives.

Throughout Crisis by Design, complex economic concepts that baffle many will be explained in a simple, direct format. By the end of the book, you will be equipped to reach your own conclusions and both understand and survive the global economic collapse.

Expect Tax Increases on the Wealthy

“As the U.S. government deficits continue to roll forward and tax revenues continue to fall, it is a foregone conclusion that not only will taxes rise (forget the President’s campaign promises; the idea that you can drive the government into more than a trillion dollars of debt every year and not raise taxes is a cruel joke) but the government will also seek new and “clever” ways to come after your assets.

“You may blow this off as alarmist, conspiratorial, or just plain wrong. But, without getting dramatic or overly “serious” here, I suggest that you ignore this data at your peril.

“First, I repeat a quote by a member of the House leadership so you get a sense of the thinking of some in Congress.

“Channeling Karl Marx, House Democratic Representative James Moran had this to say during a campaign stop (2008):

“In the last several years, we have had the highest corporate profit ever in American history . . . but it hasn’t been shared. And that’s the problem. Because we have been guided by a Republican administration who believes in the simplistic notion that people who have wealth are entitled to keep it. And they have an antipathy toward the means of redistributing wealth.”

“See, here’s the scary part: he’s serious. He is a United States congressman on the Appropriations Committee—one of the most important and powerful committees in the House. He is also part of the Democratic leadership in the House, and this man thinks there is something wrong with people who consider that when they have accumulated some assets they are entitled to keep them.

“When you add gargantuan budget deficits and falling tax revenues to a government whose economic philosophy is grounded in a craving to redistribute the wealth of its citizens, you know they will be coming for those that have managed to accumulate some.

“Let’s be blunt: if you earn well or you have assets, your financial statement is at risk'. Find out what you can do about it in this book!



The Assault on Your Assets Will Not Just Come From Potential Changes in Tax Policy.

“That there will be tax increases is a given. And they will start with the affluent. If you have worked hard and accumulated some wealth in the process, you are a high-profile target for higher taxes.

“There is strong sentiment from the White House on down that if you make decent money, if you have built up some assets, the government should take part of it and spread it around.

“Everyone is familiar with the President’s statement to Joe the Plumber during a campaign stop last October when he said, 'I think when you spread the wealth around, it’s good for everybody'—everybody being those people who didn’t earn the money but who get some of yours.

“But let’s not quibble about who created the wealth; what’s important is to spread it around, even things out.”

Your government considers you a national resource to be exploited. If you don’t get your money out of the country before the government gets your money out of you, you’re an idiot, and you’re going to get what you deserve.
The Casey Report, January 2009

“Growing numbers of people are moving assets offshore into gold, silver and stronger currencies such as the Norwegian Krone and the Chinese Yuan. Seeing the coming tsunami of government debt and inflation and potential confiscation of personal wealth, many are turning to offshore jurisdictions that provide privacy and outstanding asset protection.

“But regardless of where you might have this done, bear in mind that Uncle is broke. He’s more than broke, he’s short more than a trillion this year with projections for the same well into the future and I think you would be wise to consider moving some of your assets offshore and out of U.S. Dollars.”  Find out how to do this in my book!



Confiscation of Personal Retirement Accounts

Testimony before the House Committee on Education and Labor last year suggested that personal retirement accounts (IRAs and 401Ks) should be converted into government-controlled accounts called Guaranteed Retirement Accounts (GRAs). They would be managed by that bastion of fiscal propriety the Social Security Administration.

Confiscation of Gold and Silver

“But trillion-dollar budget deficits will require more.

“And as I have made clear, perhaps to the point of ad nauseam, many turn to precious metals during times of economic duress. The point here, however, is that when a government has debased its currency at the printing press, it often takes measures to try to prevent its citizens from fleeing from the currency into precious metals or stronger currencies. One of the measures that has been used in the past is making the ownership of precious metals illegal. This seeks to stop the capital flight from its currency to hard assets.

“With the new bailout-program-cum-stimulus-plan, the budget deficit for this year alone was about $1.5 trillion, with a projected deficit of $1.4 trillion next year.

“Where do they think they are going to get this money? Foreign central banks are dumping dollars like a bad habit, and U.S. Treasuries are now about as welcome as an envelope of anthrax. When the government finishes their spending binge, and wakes up to their eye-watering fiscal hangover, they will turn inward with a vengeance, seeking to filch money from every nook and cranny of the U.S. population.

“It may surprise you to know that laws still exist that give the President the authority to prohibit the ownership of gold, silver and other assets during emergencies. The Trading with the Enemy Act and the International Emergency Economic Powers Act can be used to freeze privately held assets and prohibit their possession anytime the President issues a proclamation of emergency.”

Currency Controls

“Currency controls are yet another way governments try to contain the adverse effects of printing too much money.

“I don’t take pleasure or joy in detailing the economic takeover of the planet by a gang of pinstriped hoods. But these are not normal times and if one is informed, he can take the appropriate steps to protect himself and his family and what assets he may have put away for the proverbial rainy day.” Find out how in my book!



If you are someone who is seriously seeking to understand the financial crisis; if you are someone who is seriously seeking to cut through the media hype and the smoke and mirrors of the politicians and find a way to save your assets; if you are someone who is seriously seeking to thrive in this uncertain future, then you will find plenty of inspiration, ideas, resources and strategies included in my book, Crisis by Design: The Untold Story of the Global Financial Coup and What You Can Do About It and the valuable bonus gifts that I am offering along with the book.

Here's what readers like you have to say about it:

“Brilliant research! An astounding expose of America's financial crisis. Do you have the guts to read it?”

Los Angeles, Ca

"Until the true facts of any scene are uncovered and the hidden agendas exposed, the Financial Crisis will continue like the dark clouds over Mordor. The price to pay for such an expose is astute observation that spans decades. This story can't be understood in a snap-shot. The undermining of America, the Freedom she stands for and the US dollar is a scheme that has played out for decades....

“The final question is, "Will America have the backbone to rid itself of such repugnant Criminals and fix the system before she . . . . . ? I trust with all my heart the answer is yes. Read the book! Then act!”

Ned McCrink
Orange County, Ca

"Wolfe has done a spectacular job of clearly and logically explaining the real reasons behind our current problems with inflation, the housing crisis and our economy. His understanding of the subject comes out of 30 years of experience as a financial advisor and one-time banker, and it is this breadth of understanding, coupled with a curious and meticulous mind, that provides the reader with a clear look 'behind the curtain'."

Alex Eckelberry
CEO - Sunbelt Software

"Wolfe cuts through the smoke and noise and connects some big and ugly dots, documenting his thesis that a cynical international banking cabal has actually engineered one of the greatest global financial squeeze plays yet, in order to extend its already-pervasive political, economic and mental control over the U.S. and other economies and populations. Does such a cynical cabal truly exist? Can the people behind the scenes pulling the strings be truly so selfish and evil? Wolfe mounts a plausible case for an affirmative answer. At the least, readers can get a starting insight into the ‘game behind the game,’ and how the world of ‘the major players’ and the shadowy ‘kingmakers’ might really work.  Wolfe pulls no punches and names plenty of names. An eye-opening and educational read.”

Michael Baybak
Financial PR Executive

“John Truman Wolfe is a first class writer and political commentator who possesses a huge intellect and never ending passion to expose the ills that plague our society. He is an ombudsman for the common man.”

Terry Jastrow
Seven Time Emmy Award Winning Producer/Director

“Very few individuals understand the enormity of the subversive and destructive impact on our civilization that originates from the money controllers and manipulators.

John Truman Wolfe not only understands but has thoroughly documented this situation and identified those responsible. More importantly, he has communicated the data in a way that anyone can understand.

For anyone desiring financial freedom, the material authored by Wolfe is so vital that it can be truly stated that financial freedom is impossible without a fundamental command of this data.

That is what Wolfe delivers.”

Larry Byrnes
CEO, Competence Software

You won’t want to miss this high impact, edge-of-your-seat exposé of the men behind the wizard's curtain that pulled the strings on the global financial crisis and what you can do about it.



I invite you to shift your perspective and invest in the information and opportunities revealed in my book – Crisis By Design: The Untold Story of the Global Financial Coup and What You Can Do About It and receive the following bonus gifts as my thank you.


Bonus Gift #1Free 30 day membership in my Crisis by Design Inner Circle.

This exclusive membership includes a monthly audio Financial Intelligence Briefing with updates on current financial and investment matters related to the Crisis by Design as well as an interview with some of the leading names in the financial world.

The Updates and Briefings will address the impact of late-breaking news stories and how they align with your asset protection plans.

You will receive valuable legal and financial offshore banking and asset protection information and how you can benefit from it. Through my interviews you will have access to top offshore attorneys, money management people, banking and investment professionals from the offshore world.

You will learn exactly how using an offshore bank account, offshore asset protection and investing strategies can enable you to protect your assets.

My Inner Circle Audio Interviews will cover a variety of topics such as:

  • How to cope with the current financial crisis
  • Best tax strategies for 2010 and beyond
  • How do you determine if your bank is safe
  • How to invest in precious metals, where to buy, what to buy and where to store it
  • Why moving some assets offshore is so important and how to do this safely and securely
  • What are the tax advantages and benefits of incorporating
  • How your IRA can invest in precious metals
  • How a declining dollar affects you personally
  • The benefits and confidentiality of offshore foundations
  • How to get started in the offshore world
  • The benefits of diversifying some of your assets out of US dollars and into stronger currencies
  • What’s the Real Agenda Behind “Global Warming”
  • Is a One World Currency Coming, if So what is it?
  • What is the real agenda behind “Carbon Credits”
  • Will cities and states start declaring bankruptcy
  • China as the nine hundred pound financial gorilla of the 21st century.
  • What is the Federal Reserve Bank Hiding?

You're only one mouse click away from a completely new way of looking at the world of international finance and investment. This book will empower you to act in the face of global economic manipulation.

Bonus Gift #2— The Financial Crisis and Precious Metals Bonus Gift #3— The Money Masters
An Interview with Don Stot of Colorado Gold. Don Stott is the founder of Colorado Gold and has been a leading a precious metals broker for more than 30 years. This interview will tell you how to invest in precious metals, where to buy them, what to buy and where to store it. An Interview with Pat Carmack creator of The Money Masters, a 3 1/2 hour non-fiction, historical  documentary that explains the history behind the current world depression and the bankers' goal of world economic control by a very small coterie of private bankers, above all governments.
Bonus Gift #4—“America the Litigious” Bonus Gift #5— “Crisis By Design” Interview

An irreverent look at the state of the American legal system by John Truman Wolfe.

An expose of what has become one of the most disturbing developments in the decline of modern American culture – the abandonment of the once crystal clear concept that people are responsible for their own actions.

A concept, we hasten to note, that runs headlong into the teeth of a legal community driven by an insatiable craving for victims of any size, shape or color.

An interview with John Truman Wolfe about the Global Financial Crisis  and the to be released 2010 documentary movie based on the book.

Answers the questions - Why is this current financial crisis different from past financial crises? Is there a world currency on the horizon? Is this just another conspiracy theory? Is this really just partisan politics at work? Isn't this really just about a bunch of greedy Wall Street types that let things get out of hand? Can something be done about this situation? What prompted John Truman Wolfe to start investigating this story?

Bonus Gift #6—"Web of Debt and How We Can Break Free" Bonus Gift #7— “The Gift”

Interview with author Ellen Hodgson Brown.

“If there is one book, one newspaper, one blog, one article, that one should read to understand the current economic crisis, to understand the root of the problem, and to understand its solution, it is "The Web of Debt: The Shocking Truth About Our Money System and How We Can Break Free".... "Web of Debt" is an extremely enlightening and remarkable book, providing an understanding to our world and the current economic crisis and providing monetary and banking solutions that will take us out of this crisis and benefit the people... The book is an absolute must read and relevant to people of all political stripes. The only idealogy presented is one of fairness, integrity, and common sense.”

Online Journal, March 2, 2009

The prologue and first two chapters of the latest novel by John Truman Wolfe.

Bank failure, black mail, powerful Washington lobbyists and the mysterious “Gift” come together in a financial thriller for the times, "The Gift", the 2nd novel in the award winning Tom McKenna series by John Truman Wolfe, is a financial thriller that mirrors all too realistically today's world of roller coaster financial markets and government takeovers. This is a timely financial thriller that has it all; FDIC takeovers, influential Washington lobbyists, and industrial espionage driven by those at the very heart of American corporate power. Woven into the narrative is a back story which follows true to life exploits of Nazi SS General Hans Kammler.

Kammler reported directly to Himmler and oversaw Werner Von Braun, the Nazi V-2 rocket program and all of the other secret weapons programs being developed by the Third Reich.

When revealed, the connection between Kammler and the modern day assault on Beverly Hills National Bank is a bombshell and as real as today’s headlines.

Bonus Gift #8— “The Financial Crisis: A Look Behind the Wizard's Curtain” "The Web of Debt: The Shocking Truth About Our
This is the article that started it all and lead to the publication of the book, “Crisis By Design: The Untold Story of the Global Financial Coup and What You Can Do About It”. It is now available to you as a free download to share with family, friends and associates.



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